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Quality Policy

Initial Inspection and Grading of the Product
We accept fish from known fishermen, Vessels, trawlers. We work with them to ensure that they provide only the highest quality raw materials. We Inspect and grade all product as they enter our plant.

Temperature and cleanliness controls for storage and handling.
Our processing areas are kept cool year round, and product is kept in cold storage when not being processed. Employee and work area cleanliness is stressed and built into all work routines.

Trained and concerned line management
The line managers for the warehouse and processing areas have all received tainting in HACCP and Quality control programs.

Timely sales
All products are sold as quick as possible so that they arrive at their destination in the freshest condition and at the best possible price.

Multiple Shipping methods.
We use the shipping method that best suits each customer, insuring that the product arrives n the same condition that it left our plant.

Applied ozone generation plant
By treating the air and water used in our processing plant, bacterial cross contamination in the work place environment is reduced. Treating raw dish as well as processing equipment with ozone greatly reduces bacteria that can spoil seafood. Also ozone improves the shelf life of the uncooked fish while not impacting the appearance, color or aroma of seafood.

From our corporate motto through every part of our operation, Quality Control is our foremost concern.


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